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"Billy is the killer combination of an amazing musician and a great teacher. He really listens to me and helps me work out what I need to do to improve. His lessons are always really fun, interesting and motivating. One of my all time musical highlights ever was doing a live guitar duel with him at a concert, where he helped me prepare and really challenge myself!"  Tom Hodginson, 15 - jazz guitar student and award-winning classical guitarist

“I have been taking jazz guitar lessons online with Billy for almost a year and I have learned such a lot. Billy explains complex theoretical concepts in a way I can understand and makes the lessons fun and interesting.” Beth, 30

"My guitar lessons with Billy are always fun and enjoyable. He lets me have a say in what music I will play and I look forward to my lessons each week. I have had lessons with Billy in person and online and they have all been great." Phoebe, 13

  • BMus (Hons) Jazz Guitar, 1st Class - Royal Academy of Music 

  • LRAM, distinction - Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music in jazz teaching 

  • Up-to-date Enhanced DBS check

  • Up-to-date Safeguarding Training 


What I Can Offer

I am an experienced teacher and love helping students to achieve their aspirations and enjoy themselves in the process. I teach both children and adults from beginner to advanced. The focus of the lessons will be tailored to you. Below are my areas of specialism and examples of topics that could be covered.


  • Styles: rock, pop, folk, jazz, funk, blues, indie and more

  • Beginner to advanced

  • Learning songs and solos that you like

  • Reading music/TAB

  • Improvisation

  • Writing your own music

  • Preparing for performances

  • Preparing for grade exams (Trinity/Rockschool) 

  • Ear training 

  • Music theory 

  • Learning to sing and play at the same time

I can also help players of other instruments to learn songs, solos and with improvisation etc

Guitar/other instruments

  • Repertoire and effective methods for learning tunes

  • Transcription and analysis - solo/compositions 

  • Study of styles including contemporary jazz, bebop, straight-aheadLatin jazz, jazz-fusion and more

  • Improvisation

  • Jazz harmony 

  • Rhythmic skills

  • Ear training and playing what you hear

  • Technique and sound (guitar)

  • Comping and accompanying (guitar)

  • Solo guitar/chord melody 

  • Reading music and notating your own compositions 

  • Preparing for Conservatoire/Junior Conservatoire Jazz Auditions (guitar)


  • Harmony e.g.

    • Functional

    • Non-functional

    • Linear approach

    • Reharmonisation  

  • Counterpoint - melodic and rhythmic

  • Form 

  • Melody and line writing 

  • Thematic development 

  • Compositional devices and starting points

  • Score analysis 

  • Orchestration

  • Writing for small and large ensembles including Big Band

  • Presenting your music so it’s easy to interpret 

  • Sibelius tips and shortcuts - speed up your workflow!

  • Overcoming creative block/perfectionism

Get in touch to make an inquiry!

I teach in-person in North London or on Zoom/Skype.




I have over 8 years experience as a private guitar tutor and have taught guitar in primary and secondary schools in London for over 5 years. I currently teach at Fortismere School and Guildhall Young Artists and am a Jazz Guitar lecturer at Morley College. I have helped students successfully prepare for grade exams and music college auditions and have also taught composition and music theory. As well as teaching one-to-one, I teach groups and have directed ensembles such as the NYJO Jazz Ensemble and have taught on the National Youth Jazz Collective Composition Summer School. I received distinction in the LRAM jazz teaching diploma from the Royal Academy of Music.  

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