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Billy Marrows



The Billy Marrows Quartet is a dynamic electric ensemble that juxtaposes tight groove with inventive interplay, exploring intricately crafted original compositions that blend rhythmic experimentation with evocative melody and harmony.

Billy Marrows Quartet Steps

I was impressed by how personal a sound the music had as well as how exciting the compositions were.

Matthew Sulzmann

London Jazz News



Montgomery Street - Billy Marrows Quartet

Montgomery Street - Billy Marrows Quartet

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Billy Marrows Quartet


Influenced by Miles Davis’ electric phase, Wayne Krantz and John Scofield alongside newer bands such as Kneebody, Troyka and Enemy Trio, the Billy Marrows Quartet blur the lines between composition and improvisation. Billy’s writing is inspired by concepts ranging from the rhythmic inventiveness of Steve Coleman to the melodic beauty of Mahler.


Crucial to the band’s sound is the innovative approach to the combination of guitar and piano, with a sonic pallet that spans across lush harmonic tapestries and spikey counterpoint. The rhythm section underpin this with a volatile intensity that can suddenly transform from gentle simmer to fearsome groove, or gradually ramp the tension with an epic build.


Recently the Billy Marrows Quartet have performed at venues including the Vortex Jazz Club, Guildhall Basement Bar and Lancaster Jazz Festival.

Billy Marrows Quartet at Vortex Jazz Club
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